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33324 Dentist

Are you looking for a 33324 Dentist?

If you or a loved one has sustained a traumatic injury to the mouth, you’ll need a reliable 33324 dentist skilled in treating dental emergencies. With an established reputation for providing successful treatment outcomes and exceptional care, the staff at Perfection Dental Spa are prepared to address virtually any type of dental crisis. Making use of the most sophisticated treatment methods and technology, we’ll provide prompt relief from your discomfort and restore your oral health in no time.

33324 Dentist

Whether you’ve chipped a tooth, cracked a filling, or have a toothache, your 33324 dentist is well prepared for your arrival. Often with traumatic dental injuries, a root canal treatment is the best way to save the compromised tooth. When the nerve supply, referred to as the dental pulp, is irreversibly damaged, it must be removed before infection develops and spreads to the surrounding areas. To prevent this from happening, our skilled dentists clean the affected area and seal it with an inert-rubber like substance. By sealing off the tooth, subsequent reinfection is prevented. At Perfection Dental Spa, our dentists are skilled in performing root canal therapy and have helped countless patients regain optimal oral health. In other cases, escalating to a dental emergency, toothaches, are often a result of deep decay, an infection at the root of the tooth, that may also require root canal treatment. However, the most common cause of toothaches are cavities, which can typically be treated and restored with a simple filling.

Whatever the nature of your urgent dental problem, your trusted 33324 dentist is here to help at Perfection Dental Spa. Offering our valued community of Plantation the highest levels of personalized care, we look forward to becoming your trusted oral healthcare provider. For any of your family’s general, preventive, cosmetic, or restorative dental needs, and to conveniently schedule your family’s appointments, give our office a call today.


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